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Lending Services

  • Securities-Backed Lending
  • Residential Mortgages
  • Specialty Financing
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Securities-Backed Lending

We help our clients access the liquidity embedded in restricted stock, hedged equity positions and selected alternative investment holdings. Our clients can pledge marketable* securities including equities and restricted stock, corporate and government debt obligations, mutual funds, hedge funds, commodity futures funds and other financial instruments for loans, letters of credit and derivative transactions requiring collateral.

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Residential Mortgages

We provide mortgage services, particularly for families with complex financial situations, such as multiple sources of income and alternative ownership structures including trusts, partnerships and limited liability companies. We understand the appraisal problems posed by one-of-a-kind, under-renovation or exceptional estate properties. Finally, we have access to a network of local appraisers, closing agents, attorneys and other professionals knowledgeable about some of the more specialized aspects of structuring, documenting, and closing high-end transactions.

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Specialty Financing

Our experience and global resources allow us to offer several specialty financing options that few institutions can match.

Commercial Real Estate Lending
We provide innovative financing for the acquisition, refinancing or repositioning of investor-held commercial real estate properties in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We specialize in competitively priced and professionally executed financing structures that remain on our balance sheet, or that are funded via our mortgage-backed conduit lending capabilities. Thanks to a lending team with an average of more than 25 years of industry expertise, we specialize in difficult-to-finance opportunities such as property renovations or repositionings, and at spotting untapped potential in properties that may be overlooked by less innovative lenders.

Art Finance
FIU Financial Services pioneered the concept of using art as loan collateral more than 25 years ago and remains a leader in this field. Whether collectors and dealers are seeking greater liquidity or the ability to expand their collections, we help them access the built-up value in their collections of internationally marketable paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs by renowned artists. To ensure confidentiality, our own specialists evaluate the art for lending purposes. In most cases, a collection may be used as collateral while remaining in the client\\\'s home or office.

Aircraft Finance
Our in-house aircraft finance team is dedicated solely to providing comprehensive advice and financing in the purchase of a private aircraft. We help guide clients through the entire process, from initial evaluation and selection of aircraft through providing financing customized to the particular cash flow needs of each individual or business. Whether pursuing full aircraft ownership or a fractional share, we offer competitive loans and an extensive array of credit structures.

Private Equity Lending
We specialize in meeting the financing and wealth-management needs of private equity firms and their partners by providing liquidity from our lending facilities. These lines of credit support direct borrowings, letters of credit and pre-settlement exposure associated with derivative hedging strategies. Our history of experience with, and detailed understanding of, the challenges facing hedge fund and private equity firms today enables us to provide our clients with responsive, innovative and robust ways to meet their needs.