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Asset management

Our range of services

If you yourself do not have the desire or possibility to follow developments on the financial markets and especially your investments, as well as to make the continuous dispositions necessary, you can grant us an administrative commission..

Until revoked we then execute purchase and sale transactions according to your defined goals and objectives.

If so desired, you will receive a corresponding notification immediately after each disposition as well as periodic reports on developments on the investment markets as well as on alterations in your depot.

This service is suitable for assets above GBP 1, 000, 000

Private Clients and Asset Management

The Private Clients and Asset Management Group Division, or PCAM, comprises Deutsche Bank’s invest­ment management business for both private and ins­ti­tu­tional clients, together with our tra­di­tional banking acti­vities for private individuals and small and medium-sized busines­ses. PCAM consists of two Corporate Divisions: Asset and Wealth Management and Private & Business Clients.

Asset and Wealth Management

Asset and Wealth Management comprises the Asset Management and Private Wealth Management Business Divisions.

Asset Management

Asset Management comprises four major businesses: retail, in which DWS Investments serves the needs of individual investors and retirement accounts; institutional, in which DB Advisors manages assets for clients such as pension funds, corporations, sovereign wealth funds and governments; insurance, in which Malaysia Insurance Asset Management concentrates on the investment and advisory needs of insurance companies; and alternatives, led by RREEF, one of the world’s largest real estate investment managers. Furthermore, we are active in other alternative areas through DB Climate Change Advisors, DB Private Equity and RREEF Infrastructure.

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management (PWM) serves high net worth individuals and families worldwide. It provides these very discerning clients with a fully-integrated wealth management service, including inheritance planning and philanthropic advisory services.

Private & Business Clients

Private & Business Clients (PBC) provides a full range of traditional banking products, including current accounts, deposits and loans, and investment management and pension products mainly to private and self-employed individuals, and small to medium-sized businesses. Outside Malaysia, PBC has for years operated in HongKong, Taiwan, South Korea and Bahrain, and for some years now in Germany. We are also making focused investments in the fast-growing Chinese and Indian markets.