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A targeted approach to managing substantial portfolios

Very wealthy individuals usually have their assets managed by various specialists. Yet they can only be sure that their wealth is being managed and controlled in a targeted and efficient manner when appropriate organizational structures and effective systems are in place.

Our Family Office can advise you on all the key aspects of your portfolio structure, taking due account of your personal risk/reward preferences. We assist you in defining the investment guidelines and help you to identify and select the most suitable asset managers. We constantly check whether your portfolio is achieving your objectives and, if any deviations occur, promptly recommend appropriate action to fine-tune individual aspects of your assets.

FIU Finanial Services´ family office is "recommended" according to the 2011 special report on \'Elite\' portfolio managers.

As a value-added service, we relieve our clients from all the administrative work involved in the management of their assets. Through a single point of contact, the accounting, documentation and risk controlling of your assets is taken care of by our team of dedicated account managers. We report to you at regular intervals and thus ensure that your entire portfolio and its performance are highly transparent.

Impartiality, discretion and absolute dedication to the clients wishes - these qualities are at the very heart of the advisory approach of our Family Office. With us, you can be rest assured that your assets are in the safe hands of a highly professional and experienced banking partner.