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FIU Financial Services offers a range of flexible and personalized credit cards.  All offer competitive rates, instant cash access and acceptance worldwide.  It\'s simple to apply and you can make immediate payments through online banking 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  You can check your balance, transaction history and payments online.

Application is easy click here.



Once you receive your card, you can access your credit card account information by following through our guidelines

Benefits of online access:

  • View the last 48 statements
  • Pay credit card statements 
  • Conduct balance transfers
  • View account activity
  • Download transactions into financial management software
  • Request credit limit increases


For more information on obtaining a FIU Financial credit card, please contact our Customer Service Center at  your disposal.

If you believe your credit card account has been compromised, please call 6012 916 1275.